Planning for Family Members with Mental Health or Substance Abuse Issues During COVID-19

During this prolonged stay at home period to fight the spread of the coronavirus, many people are grappling with the mental health risks that COVID-19 presents along with the medical risks. The combination of the social isolation and sensational media coverage can trigger waves of anxiety and depression. For those with family members who struggle with mental health issues, substance abuse issues, or a combination of the two, the current situation can be especially trying and leave them feeling helpless. read more

The Impact on Probate Litigation

What are the Courts doing to stop the spread?
The Supreme Judicial Court, the Probate and Family Courts, and the Superior Courts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have taken extraordinary measures to reduce the amount of foot traffic into our courthouses in order to help limit the spread of the virus.  The Courts issued the following unprecedented, relevant Orders governing courthouse practices during this pandemic, effective March 18, 2020:  Order in re: COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic,  Standing Order 2-20: Court operations under the exigent circumstances created by COVID-19andSuperior Court Standing Order 3-20: Protocol governing Superior Court proceedings during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. read more

Massachusetts State Tax Updates

***Update: March 27, 2020
Personal Income Tax deadline extended. Baker announced that income tax returns filing due dates and income tax payment due dates would be extended consistent with the federal extension due dates. The extension is expected to be automatic. At this time it, according to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR), only personal income tax returns and payments due April 15, 2020 are extended to July 15, 2020. The DOR will issue more detailed guidance shortly. read more

With All of This Uncertainty, What Can We Expect From the Courts?

Within ten days’ time, our personal and professional worlds have been turned upside-down, and many have questions such as, “What happens now to my court case?”. As we adjust to a new “normal” in our homes and our workplaces, the courts, too, are adjusting to their new normal.  Courts have issued orders to address COVID-19, ensuring that the wheels of justice do not come to a screeching halt, placing people’s rights in jeopardy. All court orders, from the Supreme Judicial Court, the Appeals Court, and all Trial Courts can be found here. read more

Dealing With Support Obligations in the Event of Job Loss

As non-essential employees are asked to stay home and businesses temporarily close amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people are being laid off in record numbers. Some businesses will jump back to life when normalcy returns, while others will not survive. Many payors of alimony and child support are wondering how they will meet their support obligations, while many recipients of alimony and child support are worried about what happens if support stops coming or if their own income is lost. Here are five things you need to know: read more