Intellectual Property

IP Considerations During COVID-19

Current economic and logistical realities of the COVID-19 pandemic are challenging IP rights holders in new ways. Should the filing strategies companies pursued prior to the onset of the crisis continue? Should enforcement be curtailed or stepped up? How should rights holders approach the acquisition of IP given the economic fallout caused by COVID-19? How might the crisis influence litigation strategies?  Here are some observations and key takeaways regarding COVID-19 considerations for IP matters: read more

Maintaining Data Security Practices in a Newly Virtual Workplace

Over the last few weeks, businesses across industries have been forced to rapidly evolve into virtual workplaces in order to accommodate an unprecedented portion of the workforce working from home in support of the social distancing efforts meant to dampen the spread of COVID-19. Operating a virtual workplace to safeguard the physical health of our workforce though should be done in parallel with safeguarding a business’ data, particularly with respect to any personal data. Here are some key operational tips to help ensure that the transition to a virtual workplace continues to adopt data security best practices: read more